Professional Beauty - MPs urge consumers to make recordings in salons

MPs urge consumers to make recordings in salons

5 March 2015
MPs urge consumers to make recordings in salons

MP recommendations that consumers record their conversations with tradespeople, including hair stylists and beauty therapists, could create an unpleasant atmosphere and stifle trust.

This is according the president of the National Hairdressers’ Federation, Paul Curry, who has warned Government ministers that making recording, to use as evidence in the event of a dispute under new Consumer Rights legislation due to come in to force in October, could create a worrying climate of fear and suspicion in salons.

“Salons want to send people home happy; as people-centred businesses we survive on our local reputation,” Curry said. “But hairdressing is not an exact science. And if a client is unhappy, most salons go the extra mile to try and sort things our.

“If a stylist is focussed on potential complaints, it could stifle creativity and bond of trust.”

This could affect beauty salons offering instant result treatments, such as tanning, nails or brow services.

Curry added that this could turn salons from friendly and informal places where people go to relax, into “yet another example of Big Brother-style surveillance Britain”.

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